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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I wish Verizon would make up its mind

After all the hoopla surrounding Verizon's alleged passing of millions of phone records to the NSA since 9/11, the large telecom is now claiming that the recent USA Today expose was a pack of lies.

However, the response to my angry rant that I received from Verizon Customer Service last week, was far more vague:

"Dear T. Olson,

Thank you for contacting the Verizon eCenter. My name is Christine, and I will be handling your request today.

This message is in response to your email dated May 11, 2006. You stated that you are upset about Verizon cooperating with our Government's National Security Agency. I understand the importance of both your privacy and security.

We appreciate that the USA Today article and other reports about the possibility that the NSA is able to analyze local call data records is causing concern. Please be assured that Verizon places the highest value on protecting the privacy of our customers.

Anything to do with the NSA is of course highly classified, so we can not comment on whether or not the news article causing concern is even accurate. But we can say that, to the extent that we cooperate with government authorities, we are confident that we are complying with all applicable statutes. We appreciate the continuing opportunity to provide you with service.

Thank you for using Verizon. We appreciate your business.

Verizon eCenter"

Yeah. Note there is no absolute protestation of innocence here. "Christine" claiming to understand the importance of my privacy is very different from her being proactively protective of it. And of course anything the NSA does is classified, so if she told me the truth she'd probably have to kill me. Note also her sashaying around it by claiming they are complying with all laws - but no mention of the Patriot Act.

The NSA probably told them to just deny it, no matter how strong the evidence, and keep denying it loudly, and eventually the sheeple will go back to sleep.

We'll see how "asleep" we are in November.


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