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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Joe "Loserman" works for Republican win in CT

Anyone reading this who's 50-plus probably remember the old Looney Tunes cartoon featuring the mildly dimwitted but always high-principled elephant, who, when he made a commitment, stuck to it no matter what. Whenever challenged, he would reply, "I meant what I said, and I said what I meant..."

Apparently, in a twisted reversal of this noble take, Senator "Un-elect" Joe Lieberman, losing his cushy 3-term gig in the CT Democratic primary, apparently will keep his vow to abandon his party in favor of an independent run to keep his seat.

As I see it, Lamont's 52-48% upset was a lot about Lieberman's record, particularly concerning his sycophantic support for Bush's war on Iraq. He is in total denial that people in his own state might be mildly upset with him over that. Of those who voted, I break it down into 5 groups: (1) those rabidly for Lamont (2) those rabidly for Lieberman, (3) those who could care less about Lamont, but are uncomfortable with Joe's war record, so they held their noses and took a shot at an unknown, (4) the opposite group to (3), and (5) the ones who made all the difference for Lieberman, those Democrats who became uncomfortable with Joe but couldn't bring themselves to vote for an unknown - so they just stayed home, in silent protest. They wouldn't grease the skids, but they wouldn't lift a finger to help either - that's what tipped the scales.

Joe is smoking crack if he thinks he'll ever be a Senator from CT again. Only two things can happen with his 3rd-party run: (1) he'll divide the Democratic electorate and all but guarantee victory for a Republican challenger, or (2) he'll be abandoned at the polls by angry Democratic voters, getting low single digits, and Lamont will sweep into the Senate easily, ensuring Joe will never work in that town again.

He'd be better off pulling a Hillary, by carpetbagging to a Red State, and running as a Republican in '08.

But in reality, Joe Lieberman's existence in the Senate all that time has proven a point I've made over and over: there's not a dime's worth of difference between Dems and Reps these days, to begin with. Sometimes one party or another will stage a "purge" to give a false claim that they truly are an "opposition" party, but it's all nonsense. So root for Lamont if you will, but don't expect any Articles of Impeachment from him, next year, or a bill repealing the Patriot Act.


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