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Friday, August 18, 2006

Why won't they let me celebrate?

Killjoys are everywhere, these days. I'm not allowed a single moment to savor a victory in life, as the forces of fear, coercion and destruction are constantly on alert for any signs of joy, happiness or peace within oneself, and instantly swing into action to snuff out that flickering flame.

I expressed joy the other day at Joe Loserman's loss in the CT Dem. primary, and his sore-loser's decision to run as an independent. Matt Taibbi, yesterday, had a much more thorough and devastating take on it.

But our joy is short lived, indeed, as the latest CNN poll suggests "independent" Joe has a 53% lead. Another unconfirmed source told me yesterday that an independent poll of CT Republicans suggested that 75% of them would vote for Lieberman. So why the fuck have a REPUBLICAN primary?? Why waste your goddamn time and that of the poor schlub the so-called "Republicans" officially "nominated"? Why didn't you just rally 'round tail-gunner Joe to begin with and convince him to cross over to the Dark Side, as his actions and rhetoric already indicate?

If he wins, and still insists he's a Democrat, isn't that a form of fraud? Shouldn't he be sued by the CT Democratic party in a class action?

Given that the killjoys are ever diligent on ruining my fun, I now expect nothing good to come from the recent court decision ordering unconstitutional warrantless wiretaps and data mining by the NSA to cease forthwith. Clearly there isn't sufficient fear being maintained in our society or legal system, and something slipped through the neo-con cracks, activating a "point of light", temporarily.

I'm sure they will find a way to shut it down - presumably in the form of a manufactured "major terror threat", just in time for Election Day.

Neo-cons: Snuffing out the lights of the world, one point at a time.


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