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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry's Gaffe Changes...What???

OK, so John Kerry botched a joke aimed at Bush. But then I guess only a shallow fool or a posturing Republican would have failed to get the joke in the first place. I picked up what he was trying to say immediately, but gave him minus points for delivery.

But no, everyone had to get in a big huff over it, claiming he was taking nasty potshots at the troops - yeah, right - like that's something a 'Nam vet who's been under fire would actually do!

Can we just get back on point, here? The Iraq war still sucks, our economy and financial system is bordering on meltdown, the Chinese are our bankers, and our southern border and all our ports are like Swiss cheese. Bush's poll numbers are still as low as ever, and more people than ever are still convinced that Iraq is a cluster-fuck, and that the dodos who lied us into it have no clue for getting us out again (as if they really wanted to). If you stick with the basic facts, there's still no reason not to think that the Dems have a good shot at retaking the House, at least, and a longer shot at the Senate.

There is a lot of anger out there at the Republicans, and Rove dragging out the gay-marriage card again will do little to counter it. Republicans don't have to vote for Democrats - all they have to do is stay home on Tuesday and let nature take its course. A Republican party that's humiliated in the mid-terms may actually stand a chance of one day recovering what little soul it has left, beginning with a neocon "purge".

Will a Dem-led House do any better on the war, security, or immigration? Probably not, but at this stage I am beyond caring. Voting out entrenched Republicans may not change much in the grand scheme, but it will certainly punish those specific Republicans from their folly of the last five years. They do not deserve to be rewarded for their mistakes with another two years in office - period.

Those who argue against the death penalty claim it does nothing to deter criminals. Those in favor of it respond that it certainly deters those already convicted of murder and mayhem, and ensures they will not engage in such activities again, ever. I guess I'm making a similar argument here. Voting out all incumbents may not deter the political class as a whole from making bad laws and judgments - but it certainly deters present incumbents who have a clear track record of such error.

So Kerry botched a joke and created a hubbub. If that makes you actually rethink voting against Republicans next Tuesday - if you are that shallow and easily swayed, then perhaps you are indeed "stuck in Iraq", and the Republicans are the party you richly deserve to have rule over you.

Knock yourself out.


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